Truth. Justice. Democracy.

National School of Journalism and Public Discourse (NSoJ) is a not-for-profit college with a mission to train young people who are committed to truth, justice and democracy. NSoJ is affiliated to Bengaluru City University (UGC approved) in India, and offers undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in Journalism, Applied Psychology, English, Social Work and Political Science.

President Obama mentions NSoJ in his speech at Stanford

"I’ve had the privilege of meeting young leaders in our Obama Foundation network, like Timothy Franklyn, who founded the National School of Journalism and Public Discourse in India, to train journalists who are committed to justice and democracy" – Barack Obama in his speech 'Disinformation Is A Threat To Democracy'

Masterclass on TV Journalism by NDTV's Maya Sharma

Maya Sharma is a senior consulting editor at NDTV and mentors our undergraduate students on TV news anchoring and reporting techniques. Here's a lighter moment at the end of a hard day's work.