Disco Fever at NSoJ!

National School of Journalism (NSoJ) welcomed its incoming Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) students at a Freshers’ Party in Bengaluru on Thursday, July 18

Freshers' Day 2019-20

Disco Fever at National School of Journalism, Bangalore (NSoJ)!

NSoJ Bureau

In an amalgamation of the old and new, the National School of Journalism (NSoJ) welcomed its incoming Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) students at a Freshers’ Party in Bengaluru on Thursday, July 18.

The theme being disco, all students were on party mode! The dress code was all-out retro with glittery accessories and yes, loud colours. But there was more in store. The students and faculty also put together a delightful event to welcome the newcomers.

The party, hosted by the second-year students, commenced with an invocation ‘Make me the channel of Your peace’ by Niveditha. After this came a fun session, which had freshers called onstage in pairs to come up with improv comic situations that tested their ingenuity. Here is an example of what one pair had to do: ‘Walk into a pet shop and ask for a cow!’ The wacky ‘situations’ had the participating students at their creative best and the audience in splits.

This was followed by some power-packed performances from the faculty. Mr. Chetan Crasta, who teaches Communicative English, brought the 70s to life with his electrifying rendition of Belfast by Boney M. Roars, whistles and a standing ovation followed his performance. Mr Crasta had expert assistance in choreography and sound mixing from Varun, Sai and Mahadevan -- second year students. Then Ms Vinusha Kannan, who teaches Psychology, left the audience mesmerised with her energetic crooning of ‘Jhoom, jhoom, jhoom, baba’’. Ms Meena, who teaches Hindi, recited a soulful poem blessing all the students.

But the students were not far behind. Mahati and Ooha, second-years, performed a medley of popular dance numbers including the smash hit, Rowdy Baby. Priya, another second year, also danced, to much applause. The newbies, aka, the first-years, put up a thought-provoking skit on global warming that featured characters as varied as Mother Earth, Development or Diva and Donald J. Trump who proclaimed tongue-in-cheek, ‘Orange is the new Black!’ First-years, Manav, Udbhavi and Upamanyu left everybody awestruck with a musical journey of songs including Hey Jude, by the Beatles. Arjun, also a first-year, sang ‘Chaand sifarish’ with confidence. Then, a troupe of first and second year students, led by Niveditha, performed popular hits including Cheap Thrills by Sia, Believer by Imagine Dragons and Why This Kolaveri Di.

That’s not all. The seniors, or PGs, then presented a group medley of disco numbers through the ages. And last but not least, Keshav, a first-year student, read out his shayari about love, loss and moving on, to a greatly appreciative audience.

After refreshments, the first-years and the PGs sportingly walked the runway for the best fresher contest. Surya and Udbhavi from the first years, and Durgaprasad and Nishi from the PG batch, bagged the titles of Mister and Miss Fresher, respectively.

NSoJ has always been the place to make memories and set off on new beginnings. This event too saw the students embark on collective and yet, also individual, journeys at NSoJ.


Anuj (Ist Year BA): It was a very refreshing day. It was a great opportunity to get to know people better.

Arjun (Ist Year BA): Sound effects were really good. The dancing part was nostalgic and yes, we danced a lot. We got to witness amazing performances. We never knew our friends had such hidden talent! The skit on global warming was unique.”

Hita (PG): For some of us, who are back to college after a long time, it was a trip down memory lane. The energy and enthusiasm on show was contagious! I am so encouraged to be a part of this one unit where everyone cheers on each other’s talent”.