NSoJ Movie Review: A jolly good ride but ends with a thud

The real story of the movie unfolds when Dev comes to know some startling facts

photo courtesy:KOIMOI

Blackmail revolves around Dev who is the protagonist of the movie. Irrfan Khan plays the character of Dev who works as the marketing and sales head in a private company. Dev is married to Reena. In the film Kirti Khulhari portrays the character of Dev ‘s wife. Dev leads a simple life and he is just stuck in his work life and family. The real story of the movie unfolds when Dev comes to know the fact that his wife Reena is having an extramarital affair. To teach her a lesson he follows his wife's lover to his house and finds out his personal details from the security. Dev gets to know even though Ranjith is married he is still having extramarital affair with his wife. Since Dev has a huge debt and his boss is not willing to increase his salary and so, Dev decides to blackmail Ranjith to pay debts and he ask him to give 1 lakh in cash.

Dev tells his close colleague about his plan. Ms. Prabha is the new employee in the office since Dev holds a senior position he must guide Prabha. One day Dev's friend takes Ms. Prabha for a date and tells Dev truth about blackmailing and the next day Dev gets a letter stating that he has to give cash to the new employee and he goes to Prabha ‘s place and in an untoward incident she dies. The movie involved a lot of blackmailing one another in need of money and also witness many murders. Yet the movie keeps the audience glued to their seats and at once I thought that the detective is the real culprit but at the end Irrfan changes the plan and plots and identifies that his wife and her boyfriend has played a game on him and at the end nobody stays and his wife decides to move on and stay with her husband and deletes Ranjith number and Dev deletes Reena ‘s number . Every new situation was shown to the viewers by songs. Despite the rollercoaster the film leaves a sour taste.

Sanjana B reviewed the movie