NSoJ Movie Review: High hopes with star cast but tepid narration

Many movies have been made on destiny and this is the latest addition to that list

Nitin's latest outing 'Chal Mohanranga' which also happens to be his 25th film directed by Krishna Chaitanya turns out a predictable fare. With ace director Trivikram penning the story you would not but expect anything less than an entertainer, but this where the film falls flat. Story- Mohanranga (Nitin) is hell-bent on going to the United States but is denied visa by the American authorities every time. Finally, he manages to get a visa by agreeing to take the dead body of a woman to their family in the states. Here he chances upon Megha Akash and both of them hit off. But when the time comes to get together, she leaves to get married in India. Predictably Nitin too follows her.

Analysis- Many movies have been made on destiny and this is the latest addition to that list. The story is wafer thin on paper, a boy likes a girl from a very young age but she goes elsewhere. As time flies by the boy reaches that place and they come in contact. Love blossoms but destiny have other ideas. Trivikram has the ability to add his sense of humor to the story and making it a worthwhile watch, but here the story has those elements missing which you would normally associate with his movies. The first half has some laugh loud moments and breezes by but the second half feels a drag. Thaman's music fails to leave an impression while the background score is average. The cinematography is neat with New York and the Ooty episodes captured well. The dialogues have the typical Trivikram mark although they are written by Krishna Chaitanya.

Performances- Nitin pulls this off effortlessly as a youngster while Megha Akash is just fine in her role. Naresh and Pragathi as the hero's parents are routine and so is Rao Ramesh's performance. Sathya provides the comic relief although those scenes look forced and the guy who has played Pammi is good. On the whole the movie offers nothing new in terms of screenplay and storywise but has some fun moments. Not a must watch film but can be seen once.

Ram Teja reviewed the movie