NSoJ Movie Review: Social drama with a clear message for all despite changes

Music is the biggest asset of Rangasthalam

photo courtesy: Mythri movie makers

Remember a movie's plot was decided on the 1980's factor. When clichéd storylines were brushed off as 80's style a movie set in the 1980 backdrop makes you wonder as to what the storyteller wants you to see. Sukumar is back with 'Rangasthalam' after the 2016 hit 'Nanaku Prematho'. Sukumar deviates from his mind games and complex scientific equations for once and straight away introduces his characters in the movie. Set on the banks of Godavari in a fictional village Rangasthalam' , Ramcharan (Chitti babu) has a hearing deficiency and is called sound engineer. The village is ruled with an iron fist by a feudal landlord Jagapatghi babu (Phanindra Bhoopathi) and his henchmen who make life miserable for the villagers. Enter Adhi Pinishetty (Kumar Babu), Chitti babu's elder brother who wants to change the lives of his people in the village. When he decides to contest for the president's post, the trouble is obvious. What happens next forms the crux of the story and must be watched on screen. Firstly Ramcharan has delivered his best performance in the movie to date. A protagonist with a hearing deficiency is pulled of with ease and we begin to empathise with his character as he gets on with his life. Samantha as Rama Laxmi shines through as a village belle and it is Adhi as the doting elder brother that wins hearts. Prakash Raj as an MLA surprises you towards the end.

Music is the biggest asset of Rangasthalam with Devi Sri Prasad coming up with a chartbuster of an album. Every song catches up and 'Yentha Sakkagunnavey' is the best. Devi has worked on Sukumar's every movie and the output can be gauged from their collaboration over the years. Ratnavelu's cinematography glides through with the rustic locales of the Godavari districts captured wonderfully. Sukumar leaves his mark with his screenplay and his style of making. Without complicating the script he puts forward a revenge drama with a lot of commercial elements packaged. The movie has a lengthy runtime but catches you off guard at the very end. Overall Ramcharan kicks off this summer with a bang on performance that will be lapped up by the audience.

Ram Teja reviewed the movie