NSoJ Restaurant Review: A delicious spread, a gorgeous treat it is here!

The sauce elements plus the minced garlic blended well with the taste of the chicken.

For all grilled meat lovers, Mama Royale is the place for you. Located on 1st Cross Rd, 5th Block, Koramangala, this outlet is like a silent paradise that definitely deserves more credit. From chargrilled food to steaks, burgers, soups and even Indian food this place has it all. At a nominal price of Rs 590, we were served a wholesome meal of charcoal chicken (6 thigh pieces), 2 dips (coriander chutney and garlic mayonnaise), fries, steamed carrots in a tangy sauce, salad and a drink (lemonade or coke). Not only was the chicken cooked to perfection, the fries were hot and crispy and the sweet carrots went well with the spicy meat. In our opinion, this family meal is sufficient for 4 people, which amounts to approximately Rs 150 per person. The other dish that we tried was Chicken n Hot Garlic Sauce, a perfectly cooked boneless chicken dish in a spicy garlic based sauce, which did not seem too spicy but was rather moderate in taste. The sauce elements plus the minced garlic blended well with the taste of the chicken. Though a starter, it can be substituted as the main course and could be had with stir-fried rice/ noodles. Lastly, if you are a lover of Indian food then this place makes sure that it does not disappoint you. Dal Tadka, a regular food item featured in almost every restaurant and dhaba is what we ordered. The lentils in the dish were mildly cooked with a tempering of ghee/ oil and cumin seeds. One could have it with roti/ steamed rice/ jeera rice, but we had it with rotis and it tasted like any other desi households. A dish as simple as it could be but rich in its taste.


Run by Keralites, the staff was extremely polite and helpful. Right as we walked in, they happily greeted us and asked where we would like to be seated. Furthermore, the waiting time was not long and we were served with happy smiles. They even took the trouble of helping us choose the dishes we wanted. The phrase "silent paradise" can be used here as the place was practically empty. We were the only customers there, which seemed strange as the food was exceptionally good, prices acceptable and staff friendly. Nevertheless, we quite enjoyed having the whole place to ourselves.


Even online, the restaurant does not show up easily, however it still got good reviews on Google. In addition to this, the seating was quite to our liking, with tables placed on the sides rather than in the middle, so that each customer could have their own privacy. In our opinion, this restaurant is highly underrated; we would certainly come here for more!

Food – 8/10

Service – 9/10

Ambience –7/10

Parking - Not Available

Average Cost- Rs 500 (meal for two)

Cards accepted

Roshan Sageer and Aditi Warnoolkar reviewed the place and paid for the meals.