NSoJ Restaurant Review: A hearty and energetic start to the day at this cosy outlet

Waffles have now for long been one of the favourite breakfast foods

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A simple balanced breakfast can determine whether your day will be filled with energy and enthusiasm or whether your day will go by with little fervour. The Good Gallete on Residency Road can offer you just that- a hearty meal that fills your tummy and gets you going for the day. At a nominal price of Rs 360, we had a scrumptious breakfast of scrambled eggs, chicken sausages, baked beans, coleslaw, 4-piece waffles and baked chicken and mushrooms, a meal they humorously named 'Cluck Cluck". The eggs could be made two ways- sunny side up or scrambled and they also put a choice on waffles or pancakes. Quite the spread, we must say. Not only were the scrambled eggs soft and somewhat milky (just the way we like it), the sausages and chicken were deliciously succulent. However, we did find the waffles to be a tad bland, and it felt somewhere between bread and pancakes. It would have been preferable if it was served with honey, or if they just provided buttered toast instead. The baked beans tasted just as they should, slightly cold and moderately sweet, which went well with the juicy chicken and hot mushrooms.

Moving on to the next breakfast dish, waffles. Waffles have now for long been one of the favourite breakfast foods, be it sweet or savoury. They are delectable and have extended it to be a food devoured at any time of the day: lunch, dinner or even a midnight snack. The one in particular that got us indulged was Fresh Fruit Waffle. A waffle topped with a combination of seasonal fruits, whipped cream, a drizzle of honey and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. When eaten with oozing whipped cream and ice cream, it gives a smooth, soft and a crunchy texture. It was not too sweet and tasted perfectly fine.

Other waffles with quite exotic names that are served at the café are ‘waffle-wich’ a combination of waffle and sandwich comes with meat that has an Indian touch to it and savoury waffle that gives a wide variety of options to pick from; chicken/ pork/ crab-rich in flavours and spices making the food a pure bliss. So, if waffles are your favorites then the place surely won’t be a disappointment.

Ambience and Service

Though not extremely big, the outlet is easily visible from the roadside and well-furnished. The joint looks western, with wooden floors and hanging lights in bottles, lit up the place- giving a cozy and quiet atmosphere. The place did not seem to be overly staffed, with just one staff member moving around and taking orders. The wait was not for long and we were served reasonably fast. Overall, we would come here to try new stuff as we felt the food was worth the amount we paid, the atmosphere was quiet and the staff quite friendly.

Food – 8.5/10

Service – 6/10

Ambience – 7/10

Parking - not available

Average Cost- Rs 600 (meal for two)

Cards accepted

Roshan Sageer and Aditi Warnoolkar reviewed this place and paid for the meals