Want Rs 1 as compensation, says Prakash Raj on defamation case against BJP MP Pratap Simha

He said the MP was a serial offender

India Today Bureau Actor Prakash Raj filed a defamation case Tuesday against BJP parliamentarian Pratap Simha, over comments the lawmaker made last year about his personal life. Prakash Raj told reporters the "defamation and criminal intimidation" case was filed against Simha, and not his party. "I have demanded a compensation of Rs 1 only," he said. On October 2, Simha made personal remarks on Prakash Raj's posts on social media. He also commented on the actor's wife, and his late son. After Raj lashed out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his silence on the journalist Gauri Lankesh's murder, Simha tweeted: "Being sad due to son's death, having left your wife and run behind a dancer, do you Mr Raj have any right/legitimacy/worthiness to say anything to Yogi-Modi?' The actor sent Simha a legal notice in November. He said the MP was a serial offender, and demanded an unconditional apology. But Simha didn't respond to the notice, leaving Prakash Raj with no other option than to go to court. (With inputs from Ipshita Guha) Ipshita Guha is a student of NSoJ and is an intern with India Today channel