National School of Journalism, Bangalore Student Publications

Our student journalists create and contribute to industry standard news productions as an intrinsic part of their programme.

NSoJ Post and Blog

Students specialising in print and convergence journalism produce NSoJ Post, a high quality newsmagazine featuring original news articles based on news gathered by student journalists. NSoJ Post meets and excels national newspaper industry standards in terms of content, design and style. Our students are trained in the use of the most advanced software in the industry and gain a thorough understanding of page layout and design skills for newspapers and newsmagazines. NSoJ Post is edited by a student editor under the guidance of our Director, Mr. H. S. Balram, who was Resident Editor, The Times of India (Bangalore) for more than a decade. Digital versions of NSoJ Post are uploaded on our website and on our social media channels to showcase the journalistic talents of our student journalists. Online versions of news stories appear in a convergence format on the NSoJ blog. Print and convergence students also benefit from training received from award winning instructors in photojournalism in developing their news stories and features for NSoJ Post and for our blog.

NSoJ Radio and Television

Students specialising in broadcast journalism produce a range of news based productions for television and radio. Student journalists produce podcasts and radio features under the guidance of nationally renowned radio guru, Ashish Sen. Students interview prominent and newsworthy personalities and have unmatched opportunities to work closely with and learn from the best in the business. Broadcast students also produce several television programmes, including a daily news bulletin, television features, such as auto reviews, and a high quality satirical news production, "No Newsense". No Newsense uses in-depth research and creativity to showcase some of the most pressing and relevant issues of our times in a satirical and yet impactful manner. Students are trained to write scripts and host or anchor these shows live in addition to gaining a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of production, including cameras, teleprompters, sound, lights and video editing using the most advance software in the industry. Broadcast students also benefit from the training received from award winning instructors in documentary film making in developing their television productions.

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