Bachelor of Arts

Students enrolled in all of our BA degree programmes will gain a solid theoretical grounding in the academic foundations of journalism, communications and media. In addition to academic rigor, NSoJ also equips students with practical reporting, news gathering, production and editing skills using the acclaimed NSoJ Method that has been successfully used to train world-class journalists. Our students also have unique opportunities to learn from and interact with leading international, national and local public figures who regularly visit NSoJ for talks and workshops.



Students entering our Bachelor of Arts Degree Programme are required to choose any ONE of the following three combinations of majors to complete their academic degree requirements as stipulated by Bengaluru City University.

Combination 1 Combination 2 Combination 3
Journalism Public Administration Journalism
Psychology Sociology Political Science
Communicative English Psychology Sociology


In addition to choosing one combination of majors above, all students enrolled in our Bachelor of Arts Programme are required to complete ALL of the following professional skills courses during their period of study at NSoJ.

                                           YEAR 1

    ▸ Writing Skills – Foundation (Mandatory)

    ▸ Photography Skills – Foundation

    ▸ Film making Skills – Foundation

    ▸ Video Editing Workshop

    ▸ Public Speaking Workshop

    ▸ Social Media Workshop

    ▸ Page making and design Workshop

                                           YEAR 2

    ▸ Writing Skills – Advanced (Mandatory)

    ▸ Photography Skills – Intermediate

    ▸ Film making Skills – Intermediate

    ▸ TV Anchoring Workshop

    ▸ Advertising Workshop

    ▸ Political Satire Workshop

    ▸ Political Press Officer / Spokesperson Workshop

                                           YEAR 3

    ▸ Public Administration Workshop

    ▸ Photography Skills – Advanced

    ▸ Film making Skills – Advanced

    ▸ Public Relations Workshop

    ▸ Corporate Communications Workshop

    ▸ Political Discourse Workshop

    ▸ Economic and Social Discourse Workshop

Admission Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) undergraduate programme at NSoJ is open to applicants who (i) have completed class XII (ISC, CBSE, A-levels or equivalent); and (ii) secured a first class (60%) or equivalent grade. Applicants who are awaiting results of final examinations are eligible to apply.

Our selection panel must choose from a large pool of well-qualified candidates. Our panel will also take into consideration relevant extra-curricular and co-curricular achievements, including at sports, music, debates, student conferences, theatre or model united nations, as well as examples of articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts or other such published material.