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Bachelor of Arts / (B.A.)

Students enrolled in our Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) programme will gain a solid theoretical grounding in the academic foundations of journalism, communications and media. In addition to academic rigor, NSoJ also equips students with practical reporting, news gathering,production and editing skills using the acclaimed NSoJ Method that has been successfully used to train world-class journalists. Our students also have unique opportunities to learn from and interact with leading international, national and local public figures who regularly visit NSoJ for talks and workshops.

Diploma in Public Discourse (Dip.P.D.)

Students in our B.A. programme are eligible and encouraged to choose from several professional skill-based courses (PSC) offered by NSoJ each year. Students completing aminimum of 12 PSCs will obtain a Diploma in Public Discourse (Dip.P.D.) at the end of three years concurrently with their Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree. Students failing to complete the required number of PSCs to qualify for the Dip.P.D. will receive certificates for the relevant PSCs completed.

Professional Skill-Based Courses

                                           YEAR 1

    ▸ Writing Skills – Foundation (Mandatory)

    ▸ Photography Skills – Foundation

    ▸ Film making Skills – Foundation

    ▸ Video Editing Workshop

    ▸ Public Speaking Workshop

    ▸ Social Media Workshop

    ▸ Page making and design Workshop

                                           YEAR 2

    ▸ Writing Skills – Advanced (Mandatory)

    ▸ Photography Skills – Intermediate

    ▸ Film making Skills – Intermediate

    ▸ TV Anchoring Workshop

    ▸ Advertising Workshop

    ▸ Political Satire Workshop

    ▸ Political Press Officer / Spokesperson Workshop

                                           YEAR 3

    ▸ Public Administration Workshop

    ▸ Photography Skills – Advanced

    ▸ Film making Skills – Advanced

    ▸ Public Relations Workshop

    ▸ Corporate Communications Workshop

    ▸ Political Discourse Workshop

    ▸ Economic and Social Discourse Workshop

Admission Requirements

The dual undergraduate programme at NSoJ is open to applicants who (i) have completed class XII (ISC, CBSE, A-levels or equivalent); and (ii) secured a first class (60%) or equivalent grade. Applicants who are awaiting results of final examinations are eligible to apply.

Our selection panel must choose from a large pool of well-qualified candidates. Our panel will also take into consideration relevant extra-curricular and co-curricular achievements, including at sports, music, debates, student conferences, theatre or model united nations, as well as examples of articles, blog posts, videos, podcasts or other such published material.

Admission PROCESS

Candidates are required to register and complete the Admission Application Form online.

Candidates meeting the eligibility criteria for admission will be informed by email and will be required to take the UG Journalism Entrance Test (JET).

Examination Fee of INR 1,000 to be paid as directed in the email.

Student to appear for JET (A 90 minute exam, which will contain a combination of objective and essay questions)

Candidates who successfully pass the exam will be invited for an interview with a panel of eminent academics, journalists, lawyers and advertising professionals

Offer of admission to be made to final selected candidates  


Admission Application Forms are available online. Click here to start. On registration, you will receive a user name and password, which you can activate from the email address that you provide. Once registered you can login and start your application form. Should you encounter any technical difficulties or need help, please contact us.

We strongly encourage applicants to apply online. If you would, however, prefer to submit your application in physical form, please contact us and we will email you the form.


Bachelor of Arts:

2018-19 2019-20 2020-21
Rs.72,000/- Rs.76,960/- Rs.82,416/-
Diploma in Public Discourse:

2018-19 2019-20 2020-21
Rs.1,25,000/- Rs.1,30,000/- Rs.1,35,000/-

Programme Fees include examination fees, all teaching, studio equipment and training fees. Programme fees also include the cost of subscriptions for industry standard editing software, including Adobe Indesign and Adobe Premier Pro.


We have established a substantial corpus of funds towards scholarships and financial assistance for students registered in our programmes. We want to ensure that exceptional candidates have an opportunity to be trained at NSoJ irrespective of their financial background.

Our need-based financial assistance programme is available to successful candidates who register in our programmes through our Purrah Merit Scholarship and Financial Assistance Programme.