• The muzzling of one of India’s leading news channels under the pretext of national security was an example of jingoistic nationalism thwarting freedom of press.

  • A city that once boasted of of accommodating the only Chinese community in India is witnessing a fall in the numbers of Chinese today. The Chinese have been disappearing from Chinatown.

  • In 2016, Bengaluru hosted its third chapter of Coffee Santhe, organised by the Women's Coffee Alliance India. The annual fundraising event brewed coffee for a good cause- proceeds of this santhe went to the education of girl children of the coffee plantation workers.

  • Her writing resembles the carefree drawing of a child, free of judgment and social prejudice. Khushnaz Lala is the Indian writer you will soon hear about.

  • A write-up on the panel discussion regarding the secrecy surrounding the late Jayalalithaa's treatment at Apollo hospital. Titled 'Right to Information v/s Right to Privacy', the discussion was conducted at NSoJ in October.

  • The important thing to note is that BCCI’s fate throughout the course of the Lodha wrangle has hinged on the fate of individuals associated with it. Where does that leave Indian cricket?

  • Decor experts advise people to not shy away from adding a flush of colours to their home. This year is all about embracing a vibrant and 'contrast' theme for your homes.

  • An oil spill that occurred on January 28 close to Ennore Port near Chennai resulted in nearly 40 tonnes (40,000 litres) of oil leaking into the waters of the Bay of Bengal.

  • In the potholed roads, congested traffic and expansive high rises of Bengaluru, Terrace gardens are the new lease of life.

  • अगर देश में सरकारी और गैर सरकारी सभी प्रकार के संगठन देश में बाल अधिकार और बाल संरक्षण के लिए लगार तार काम कर रहें हैं, तो फिर आज तक कोई बड़ी सफलता क्यों नहीं हासिल हुई?

National School of Journalism, BangaloreAbout Us

National School of Journalism, Bangalore Method

Our postgraduate diploma programmes are structured to suit the needs of the media industry. At the same time we factor in developments that are expected to revolutionise the media industry in the next 10 years.

Our environment is designed to allow the student to emerge out of campus mode, leave behind their esoteric cogitations and get down to business. The buzz of a newsroom with all its energy and quick reaction time will envelope NSoJ students, making them a part of the fourth estate the minute they walk in.

Core Skill Learning

You will acquire skills to confidently enter careers in television, digital radio, newspapers and magazines as well as in convergence media, which is the future of journalism, combining print, photography and video into one digital piece.


You will be grounded in the fundamentals of journalism, law and ethics to prepare you for a credible, responsible and solid career in journalism.

Newsroom training

Your on-the-job training begins early in the academic year. You will be allowed to try your hand at all forms of media before being tested for aptitude and choosing a specialisation that can only result in a successful career. Pedagogy is designed to factor in the rigours of news gathering from the field; developing a nose for news; production and a strong grounding in ethics.

Beat specialisations

We will shape your perspectives on events and issues that matter, locally, nationally and globally. The areas of special interest at NSoJ are Politics and Society, Business and Finance, and Arts and Culture. You can choose to specialise in one of these areas for your beat. Politicians, bureaucrats, captains of industry, social workers, artists, actors, musicians, chefs, travel gurus and sports personalities will lecture and interact with you.

Live News Portal

You will work on a live news portal and develop skills to produce news videos, blogs, news features, reviews, opinion pieces, in-depth analyses and podcasts, etc.

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We are located 20 minutes from M.G. Road (Bangalore's Central Business District) and 20 minutes from Bangalore International Airport. Our location allows our students to conveniently undertake daily beats, and cover and break stories within moments of newsworthy events occurring in Bangalore city.

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NSoJ visits:- We welcome prospective students who would like to visit us. NSoJ visits take place at 2:30 p.m. Monday-Friday in the month of May every year. Visitors should register with us by selecting the 'NSoJ Visits' subject line in the contact form and providing details of your visit.